Aluminum Products are Best for Many Different Applications


Regardless of your industry or occupation, when you need certain metals for various applications, aluminum is often a great option. While aluminum is lightweight and can easily be rolled, cast, or formed, it is still a sturdy material that won’t rust and can survive a lot of abuse and keep on going. It is also non-toxic and doesn’t spark, making it perfect for applications you might have to avoid if you were working with other materials.

Why Extruded Aluminum?

If you wish to form aluminum for industrial applications, furniture, auto parts and accessories, and a lot more, extruded aluminum is the best choice. Extruded aluminum products offer many advantages, including:

  • Aluminum is reliable and standardizable, which means you can get resulting products that have perfect details and dimensions.
  • Aluminum can be used to create many different part types, including semi-hollow, hollow, or even solid parts. This makes it very versatile when being used by a variety of industries.
  • Aluminum can be used to manufacture parts that have specific cross-sectional profiles.

What this means in practical terms is that with extruded aluminum, you get great strength, reliability, and, most importantly, the versatility you need to create a wide variety of applications, making this metal the perfect option for dozens of industries.

For the extrusion of aluminum, companies heat a large cylinder of material to 840–930 degrees Fahrenheit (450–500 degrees Celsius), which makes the metal soft but very solid. Afterward, they push the heated metal through a container that has an extrusion die at the other end. Once the material gets pushed through the die, it is molded into the shape that is desired. As you can see, the versatility of this metal is one of the many reasons it is so popular.

Lots of Metals to Choose From

Regardless of what industry you’re in, choose the right materials to work with doesn’t have to be complicated. You’ll find extruded aluminum to be strong yet flexible and versatile enough to accommodate numerous items that you work with and manufacture. The right company will help you decide exactly what you need to move forward.

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