Describing the baccarat table


The following are a description of the บาคาร่า  table which you need to know about. It comes in various sizes which are based on the game type. The larges table for the Cuban Punto Bunco version of the baccarat game is normally about 12 feet in length and can be able to accommodate 14 players in a single game.

The smallest table is normally a mini baccarat which can accommodate 6 players at a single game. For the rest of the versions, the tables which are 10 feet in length are readily available. The baccarat table normally resembles that one of the blackjack table with the layout covered with felt green in color. It is divided into three main parts. The croupier or dealer sits on the seat which is at the center of the table, making the deals and managing the money while the game is in play

The table divisions

The table normally has fixed place where the shoes and chips are placed.  In the game version it allows the players distributing cards and the shoe won’t have a fixed place. At the croupier front there is normally a box that is referred to as a commission box where the bets which the banker wins are place together with the number of player that have won the bet.

There are two semicircular end divisions which have numbers that have been printed onto them. one side has numbers 1 up to 7 while the other end has numbers that run from 8 to 15. There is an omission of number 13 because of the superstitions surrounding it. numbers from 1 up to 15 are also printed in a row in the portion of the table at the center. There are normally markings to be able to place the bets like payers, ties, and bankers.

The seating

Any player is capable of taking a seat available on the table. In the variation of the Punto Bunco, the seat numbers are normally 15 but only 14 players will be allowed to play the game. Gambling is normally based on luck and luck is based mostly on superstitions. Thus majority of people keep the number 13 seat to remain vacant. It is the main reason why the table will always have an extra one seat. The seat which cannot be taken by the players is the croupier’s seat and the banker’s seat.

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