Dry Transformers Vs Liquid Transformers: What’s Better For Your Business?


As a business owner, you have to take several decisions that might seem difficult in the beginning. But you need to determine their long-term impact and make a call accordingly. One such decision is buying a transformer. Since you cannot be certain about power cut and that it will not happen at your facility, it’s better to have a backup solution instead of worrying about it at a later date. A good transformer can help you in this regard. There are two types of transformers in the market — liquid type transformers and dry transformers.

Liquid Vs Dry Type Transformers

All the normal transformers that you see in the market are liquid type transformers. They use oil or silicon to cool down their coils and run operations smoothly. Such transformers are very sensitive in nature and carry a risk of fire breakdown due to the materials used in running them. While installing these transformers, you have to be careful about where you want to place them and whether that place is fully secured and fire-proof or not. Liquid type transformers are often expensive and tough to maintain. In short, they are not everyone’s cup of tea.

The transformateur à sec, on the other hand, uses no oil or other liquids that could catch fire and put your facility at risk. They can be installed inside or outside of the facility as per your convenience and face no turbulence from the environment. These transformers don’t have any harmful impact on the environment, which makes them a must-have option for all business owners.

In the long-run, you don’t have to spend much on dry transformers. Their maintenance cost is very less and hardly requires any financial investment from your side. Moreover, if you purchase them from Surplec, you are offered an additional warranty, 24/7 technical support, and other after-sales services. So, all you have to do is make the purchase once and everything else will be taken care of by Surplec in the coming months.

All the dry transformers easily last for 15-25 years, so your investment is going to help you run your business facility comfortably for the next many years. Even after that, you can opt for Surplec’s technical support in case of any technical issue and get it fixed immediately without affecting your primary operations.

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