Excellent Lego Kits You Can Consider Buying For Your Child


No matter what your child is into, there is most likely a Lego version of it available, and Lego is an excellent toy that also helps them learn. There are Lego sets suitable for various ages of children, and many adults still play with Lego when they get older. Some of the most popular Lego sets you can consider getting your child are below to help you select something suitable for your child.

Star Wars

Many children and adults alike love Star Wars, and there are plenty of Lego Star Wars sets you can consider getting your child. You can get them a Millennium Falcon set, an At-At, an X-wing fighter, or the Death Star. Your child will love the many Star Wars offerings by Lego, and they can be lots of fun to build and play with while nurturing their creative side. However, if your child is not a fan of Star Wars, there are other options you can consider for your child.

Mickey Mouse & Friends

If your child is a massive fan of Mickey Mouse, you can get them a Mickey Mouse and friends Lego set and bring the character to life for them. You can get various sets that your child may love, with varying price points. Some of the most popular Mickey Lego sets include:

  • Mickey & Friends Fire Truck & Station
  • Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse’s Space Rocket
  • Mickey Mouse’s Propeller Plane
  • Minnie Mouse’s Ice Cream Shop
  • Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck’s Farm

Have a look at the various Mickey Mouse Lego sets available, and you may find something that will make for the perfect gift for your child for any occasion.

Harry Potter

Another massive franchise available in Lego form is Harry Potter, and there are plenty of choices of these Lego sets available. There are various scenes from Hogwarts that you can buy and build, including the clock tower, potions class, the room of requirement, a complete castle, and the chamber of secrets. Your child can relive the movies and play along with the many adventures of Harry and his friends, giving them hours of entertainment.

Jurassic World

Many people love dinosaurs, and the Jurassic World movie was a massive hit with children and adults alike. Lego has various Jurassic World sets available to buy at different price points, including:

  • Baryonyx Dinosaur Boat Escape
  • rex Dinosaur Fossil Exhibition
  • Carnotaurus Dinosaur Chase
  • Indominus Rex vs. Ankylosaurus
  • Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage

If your child loves all the Jurassic movies, selecting a Lego set from this movie franchise may make the perfect gift for them.

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