How To Pack Products Using Custom Cardboard Boxes


With limitless choices to tailor your custom cardboard boxes to your marketing message and target your audience, you will never go back to a plain, corrugated cardboard box again. Whether you need to add special colors, printed design or a logo to your custom cardboard boxes, this is possible from a flexible printing partner. From square boxes to custom shapes, you can help your business reach new heights by taking your brand name and values to the next level. And with multiple mailing options including hot lamination, high-density packaging and even folding to keep your products safe during shipping, you can pack your products efficiently and cost-effectively, no matter what your mailing needs may be.

From the corner of your eye, you can see your store’s products and customers moving down the aisle toward the checkout line. When you want to enhance the experience for your shoppers, bring them to the front of the store, where your custom cardboard boxes and other packing materials can make all the difference in the world. No more cold, hard plastic wrapping that crumbles and flakes in the sun. No more struggling to determine what to pack your items in, only to have to turn away disappointed customers when they bring home a wrinkled box and no product at all.

One way to ensure your customers always have a great experience when they pick up your box is to create an impact with your customer service tag on each cardboard box. Embossing is a cost-effective way to create a personalized look, and you can find this process as simple as printing out a template on any computer. Choose the color of embossing that fits your branding, including gold, silver, bronze and neon colors. Then, download a high-resolution image from the Internet and choose a template to get started. After choosing your embossing font, download a stock picture (copyright permitting) that you like and see if your design can be duplicated by applying a simple border to the background or adding a border to the top and bottom of your custom cardboard boxes. This simple step will help create a lasting impression with your customers.

You can also enhance your custom cardboard boxes to include your most recent promotion or event: Just add a promotional logo, product packaging, clipart or marketing text that represents your company or brand. Images can be printed from a range of software applications or designed by using your own graphic designer. Clipping out your brand can be as simple as printing out a business card, and you can take advantage of events such as trade shows to promote your product packaging. Social media marketing tools, such as Facebook and Twitter, are another popular way to spread your message to a wide customer base.

A final way that your custom cardboard boxes can be enhanced is by using them for shipping. Many companies choose to use shipping boxes that come with a tracking number so that clients know exactly when their items will arrive. Items are packaged in an appealing way using boxes that are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. By using smart shipping practices, you can increase the chances of gaining new customers while lowering your overall costs.

While custom cardboard boxes can provide many advantages, you should be sure that you are using them correctly. When using them for business purposes, it’s important that you protect the box as much as possible. Using packing materials that are too loose can cause damage to the product, so be careful. If you are going to use boxes that you make yourself, be sure that you protect them so they don’t get destroyed in the process. There are many ways to improve the effectiveness of your custom packaging boxes, so be sure to keep these tips in mind.

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