Learn the Best Ways to Store Your Photo Books


Having your photos in albums is a great way to preserve cherished memories with your friends and loved ones. To keep these memories for a long time, you want to ensure you store them safely, including the use of photo books. Although technology offers more accessible storage methods, including smartphones, other people prefer trendy and personalized photo books to preserve their photos. While photo books are safer storage methods, they are prone to wear and tear as time progresses. Here are tips to help extend the life span of your photo books.

Store your photo books at room temperature

Natural elements such as humidity can have damaging effects on your books. Excess moisture in your storage space causes the book pages to stick together, making them brittle with time. The pages may also rip in your efforts to separate them. As moisture locks between the pages, the book may develop a musty smell, and cracks may develop on the book’s spine. Mold and mildew may also form on your book, affecting the paper quality. Instead of placing your photo books in a container covered with a lid, place them in an open space, including a shelf where there is sufficient airflow. Investing in a good hygrometer may help control moisture in your storage space.

Avoid direct contact with the sun.

Direct sunlight on your photo book may result in damaging effects. The ultraviolet sun rays cause discoloration of your books with time. You may notice a shift of color from white to yellow on the book covers and the pages inside. If you place your books on a shelf, ensure it is away from the window. You can also install window film to protect your books from direct sunlight. Putting window curtains can also help keep your books safe from sunlight.

Handle your photo books with care

Human hands are prone to substances such as dirt, sweat, oil, and salts which can take a toll on book pages. Ensure your hands are clean before perusing the pages of your photo book. Use soap and water to eliminate oils and sweat from your hands, and dry them with a piece of cloth. Fingerprints on your photo book make them unsightly. In case of a fingerprint on the pages, buff out lightly using a soft dry cloth. Using glass or a frame to cover your book can prevent dirt from the paper pages.

Keep out of high-traffic areas

When choosing a space to store your books, look for areas with little to no movements. Spaces with much activity are not safe for readers as they are prone to accidents, including spills from juices and water. If you have children or infants in your home, ensure the photo books are out of reach as these groups of people can easily tear the books as they play. Only bring out the books when needed and not every other day.

Lay flat

Avoid arranging your photo books horizontally when placing them on a shelf, which causes warping to the book pages. Lay them horizontally to avoid distorting the shape of your photo books.

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