Repurposing Plastic Tubes In Your Home


When you have building work done in your home, it is common that you will have leftover materials that you did not use. Rather than throwing these away, you can look to repurpose the plastic and save from throwing it in landfills, giving it a new lease of life. You can do many things with leftover plastic tubes, and below are some ideas that you can do with your children and make upcycling and repurposing plastic a fun activity.

Make A Storage Device For Your Desk

You can take some of the leftover extruded plastic tubes and turn these into a storage device, perfect for your home desk. You will need tubes of varying lengths and something to use for the base. Put the plastic tubes on the base and decide on the layout before sticking them in place. Once finished, you have the perfect place to store pens, rubbers, scissors, pencils, and other items, so you never have to look for them again.

Make An Instrument

You can also use your surplus plastic tubing to create an instrument, which is an excellent activity when you have children. You need to get different lengths of tubes and arrange these from the smallest to biggest, so they look like pan pipes. You will also need an old piece of rubber bigger than the diameter of your piping, which you can use to hit the top of the pipe and make a sound.

Make Unique Vases

You can also upcycle your plastic tubing and turn them into unique vases that will look perfect with fresh cut flowers from the garden. All you need to do is take a short length of tubing and find something to use as a base and stick them together. To make them pop and stand out, you can give them a coat of paint, which is a perfect job for the children. You will then have somewhere to put your flowers and plants and display them in your home in a unique way.

Make A Wine Rack

If your plastic tubing is wide enough, you can also repurpose it and turn it into a rack for your wine and other bottles. You will want to take uniform length pieces of tubing and create a honeycomb-like pattern. You can put this inside an existing cupboard or create something from scratch to keep the tubes in place and store your wine. However, you need to ensure it is stable and will not fall over or break, or you may end up losing most of your wine without getting to drink it.

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