Singapore Sports History: A Trip Down Memory Lane


The first ever Singapore National Day on August 9, 1965, was a momentous occasion for the then newly independent nation. After all, it marked an important milestone in Singapore Sports History as a fledgling country with its own identity and culture.

Celebrating this day is not just about being grateful to those who had fought so hard for our independence from British rule back in 1963 – but also celebrating what we have achieved since then as one united people.

This blog post is going to take you down memory lane by looking at some of the more significant moments that shaped Singapore into what it is today – through sports!

Singapore’s rich sports history dates back to the time of Sir Stamford Raffles. He initiated cricket in Singapore, and later on, other countries began playing it too. Also, he brought

Formula One racing into Singapore, making him responsible for establishing some significant sporting events which are still played today!

Today this country has a large variety of activities available such as rock climbing, hockey rinks, and even skiing slopes. There is an abundance of sports facilities that encourage everyone who wants to participate in any form or level of athletic activity they desire.


The National Stadium holds many sporting events yearly, including the Rugby Seven tournament along with international football matches like one between Brazil vs. Mexico last year (2016).

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