The Importance Of Getting School Children Outside To Learn.


There have been many studies on the subject and it is well proven that children learn in many different ways. Some learn by reading and others learn by doing and unfortunately, schools all across the country don’t provide the right kind of opportunities the kids to learn by doing. They are stuck in classrooms for five days a week for up to 6 hours a day and it is making a lot of children turn away from education because they have a genuine fear of having to go to school in the morning because learning has become so boring and so predictable.

There is nothing worse for a small child being stuck inside the classroom when the sun is shining and inside the classroom is far too hot. Thankfully a lot of schools are realising the error of their ways and they are now booking expedition tours for the students so that they get to travel for maybe the first time in our lives and they get to learn things by actually seeing them and doing them. If you as a parent and an educator are still not sold on the idea of getting the kids out of the classroom outside to learn then maybe the following benefits of doing so can help.

  • It boosts academic performance – This is a fact and it isn’t something that I have just made up. There have been many studies done where children received regular outdoor educational learning and their test scores were seen to rise afterwards. The children they didn’t get to participate in a tour expedition did not score is highly because they lacked motivation to learn.
  • It leads to better development – Many teachers try to get students to engage in group activities within the classroom but it doesn’t really work that well but it certainly does when they are outside the confines of the school. Children feel like they have a better sense of freedom when they are learning outside and when student trips to Europe were organised, teachers noticed much better development skills from the kids and children’s confidence and independence levels rose.

Learning outside the school environment also leads to better health outcomes both physically and mentally. Allowing children to interact and to do result of them much better learning outcomes and children were naturally happier in natural settings. Hopefully these two benefits have provided you with enough information to embrace learning outside schools.

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