The questions to ask before you avail the services of an SEO company


Availing of the services of an SEO company does not have to be hard. Once a business decides to avail the services of an SEO agency in Dubai the next question that emerges is how do I find one. The process can turn out to be a difficult one if you are not aware of the fundamentals of search engine optimization.

The situation has emerged numerous times, where a company is searching for SEO services and they are not even aware of which digital marketing agencies they need to resort to for help. Below are a few questions that you may go on to ask an SEO agency before you hire them.

Understand the history of the agency

Try searching about the SEO company on Google or other social media websites. Check their ratings as this will give you an idea about the services on offer. With a long history, a few negative reviews of a business are common but a lot of them could turn out to be a red flag.

Agency-specific directories could be a great place to search for their samples and customer reviews. Still, it is not recommended that you search for the agencies on these parameters as some other factors become important when it comes to the choice of an SEO agency.

Inquire in detail about their SEO processes

Every SEO company does have their own process. Hence the team should be able to explain the process to you with relative ease. Do not hesitate to ask them about the breakdown of their SEO techniques and corresponding deliverables during each stage of the process.

  • If they mention they conduct an SEO audit ask them the steps that they take for the same
  • If they mention keyword search ask them to explain the process of a good keyword search
  • If they state technical SEO ask them what the process contains.

If you are not sure about any of the processes ask them to interpret the outputs in detail. A major chunk of the role of a salesperson is to explain the process in depth.

Check out with them their expectations when it comes to SEO services

Every now and then we interact with a prospective who feels that ranking in SEO is an overnight process. Be it business social media marketing Dubai too results take some amount of time. SEO is a long-term game and the results would take somewhere in the region of 4 to 6 months to emerge. Any firm that promises that you will be on the first page of Google within a month is taking you for a ride.

The short-term results may be impressive but they are rare. The next time you check about an SEO service ask them how successful a campaign would look and what results from you can expect to see.

Have a glance at their previous work on SEO

After obtaining the necessary benchmarks when it comes to SEO results ask them if you would like to witness a case study from their previous clients. This is something that would not be available to them at all times, particularly the younger ones. Case studies serve as a viable benchmark on how results would look related to a specific service.

Marketers are always known to focus on the basics, so it is fair to say that the results mentioned in the actual metrics may not reflect the real results. This is something that you do not expect to see when you end up working with the firm.

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