What to Expect when You Miss a Laser Hair Removal Session


Laser hair removal is a famous aesthetic procedure for both men and women. To get the best result from the treatment, you must commit to attending several sessions over a designated amount of time, based on your treatment plan. The procedure is an investment that will pay great dividends in your future when it comes to saving time and money not worrying about maintaining unwanted hair. If you considering laser hair removal, you must consult with the professionals from epilationlaserplus.com. Also, you need to commit to not missing your appointments. Keep reading to know what to expect if you miss a laser hair removal treatment:

How Laser Removal Works

Trusted aesthetic treatment providers use technologies to deliver optimal hair removal results. These include Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and diode laser technology. These technologies deliver energy to the hair follicle where it is absorbed by the hair pigment. The energy destroys the follicle so the hair can’t grow back. The majority of people who want to reduce their hair growth will see significant results after 4-10 sessions. However, this can vary for every individual, depending on their skin type, the area being treated, hair colour, hair density, and diameter. A reliable treatment provider will make a plan customised to you.

What to Expect when You Miss a Treatment Session

In terms of laser hair removal, timing is important and missing a single session can jeopardise your results. The reason is that your hair grows in three stages: growth stage, transitional stage, and the resting stage. Treatment sessions are spaced 4-8 weeks apart, depending on the area you want to be treated. If you miss a session, you must return to the same clinic to help you get back on track. Keep in mind that you may need extra sessions to make sure every follicle has been targeted for removal.

How to Get Back on Track

If you miss a session, don’t panic and don’t give up. But, you must get back on schedule immediately. Your hair has not been treated during its growth cycle and will return when it’s in the growth phase. Attending each session until your treatment plan is complete is the right way to keep that unwanted hair gone for good. You need to contact your treatment provider and inform them about your concerns that may have caused you to miss a session. This way, they can adjust your treatment plan accordingly.

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